Welcome to Re/Presenting Europe Welcome to Re/Presenting Europe

Welcome to Re/Presenting Europe

Welcome to Re/Presenting Europe

This consortium is dedicated to fostering a more inclusive, cohesive, and resilient European society. By focusing on popular representations of diversity and belonging, we aim to replace contested narratives of racialization and stereotypes with positive identifications. Our vision embraces an inclusive concept of belonging, weaving together diverse strands into a robust social fabric. Through examination of education, sports, and popular music, we strive to promote social cohesion, leveraging the creative cultural capital of diversity for the benefit of all.

Within our consortium, the close collaboration of academic research and community representation defines our methodology. Receiving €4.97 million grant from the Dutch Research Agenda (NWA), we form an interdisciplinary collective committed to probing the nexus between Dutch identity and Europe. Here, academic research institutions and community-based organizations collaborate intimately, mirroring the multifaceted tapestry of European society. Our endeavors delve into the transatlantic and postcolonial facets of Dutch-European relations, encapsulating the breadth of our scholarly inquiry.

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Welcome to Utrecht Library

Utrecht Library is based in the imposing building on the Neude, which was built in 1924 and functioned as a post office until 2011.

After years of not being used, the building was thoroughly renovated and made ready for become a library. Utrecht Library is now a place to borrow books, read, learn, share knowledge and reflect. And to meet people and relax. Curious people of all ages and backgrounds come to the Neude Library and the 12 neighborhood libraries every day. With over 87,000 members, Utrecht Library is the largest members’ club in Utrecht. They promote reading promotion and reading pleasure, digital skills, and democratic citizenship. So that everyone can participate in society.

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Nov 19, 2022

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